We are a firm of professional accountants, tax advisers and legal advisors with more than 30 years of experience.

Our goal is to provide security, trust and a solid structure that allows our clients to focus on achieving their business goals, with the absolute peace of mind that in our firm, their protection will be the priority.


Dr. Roberto Alejandro Ordaz González


“In life we shall always dream of success, as dreams become goals and goals become achievements.”


C.P.C. Francisco Arturo Castro Abraham

General Manager

A good tax advisor must always consider the operation of the economic entity, as well as the financial capacity, in the design of the appropriate Strategy.


C.P.C. Lina Elena Guerra Gamboa

Fiscal Department

We focus on the planning of tax strategies, in order to achieve the optimization of financial resources, to comply with the various tax obligations within the framework of the various laws applicable to each business sector.


C.P. Adriana Escalante Avilés

Audit Department

``The most important thing in communication is listening to what is not said``
- Peter Drucker


C.P. Karla Gabriela Interián Moguel

Administration Departament

Lic. Antonio Rosales Asnar

Juridic Department

Lic. Natalia Ordaz Bernal

International Services

When we recognize obstacles as lessons, we stop seeing failure as an option.