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Our professional services are designed to provide comprehensive support in each of the areas of the company, this will allow its leaders and managers to focus on more important things, such as growing the business and achieving its objectives.

Our services are in charge of a great team of professionals with a lot of talent and knowledge to be a factor of change and a strategic partner of our clients.




We provide services oriented towards financial information authentication for Senior management, Investors, Businesspersons and Credit institutions. The Audit is delivered as a report that demonstrates an organization’s information required for examination.

The Corporativo Ordaz González provides Audit services aimed at authenticating financial information for use by senior management, investors, entrepreneurs, credit institutions, among others. The audit is presented in the form of a report that reflects a reliable accounting image, in order to be reliable, formal elements are integrated that include the application of uniform criteria, standards and valuation principles

Among the Audit services are the following:

  • Financial status audit
  • Financial status with fiscal extension audit
  • Administrative Audit
  • Forensic audit: when historical company data and documents are reviewed and compared in order to mainly detect fraud, theft, tax or accounting tricks or any abnormal situation.
  • Preventive audit: tool to be able to monitor the effective compliance of the preventive activities developed by the companies.
  • Internal control audit
  • Inventories
  • Social security audit
  • Governmental audit
  • Operational Audit




All companies are subject to a large amount of federal, state, social security, etc. corporate taxes, but in the same way it is a necessity and obligation to have financial information of the business in a timely manner, since it helps them to decision-making on the path to be followed by a company, which is why our accounting department provides the following services:

  • Registry of accountancy operations of a company (Policies).
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Elaboration of financial status.
  • Determination and elaboration of informative declarations.
  • Elaboration and determination of annual tax declarations.
  • Elaboration and presentation of notices and procedures  with fiscal authorities.
  • Tax determination and elaboration of provisional payments  in charge of the company.
  • Determination of a company’s monthly and bimonthly required payments to the IMSS and INFONAVIT, workers’ fees (Cuotas Obrero Patronales) and retirement fees (Retiro Cesantía y Vejez).
  • Calculation of workers’ IMSS fee retention.
  • Calculation of ISR payroll retention.
  • Elaboration / revision of fiscal calculations.
  • Revision of tributary compliance associated with the employees’ payroll.
  • Elaboration of financial status, reports of central costs and internal reports.
  • Account analysis (actives, passives  and patrimony).
  • Design of accountancy reports.
  • Delivery of electronic accountancy to SAT.
  • Conciliation with physical inventory.
  • Taking of physical, annual and turnover inventories.


Juridical Corporative


  • Fiscal defense and administrative advisory.
  • Labor advisory.
  • Real state.
  • Appraisals.
  • Civil and mercantile societies.
  • Contracts.
  • Industrial property.
  • Amparo trial.
  • Cooperative societies.
  • Advisory against money laundering.




Mexican tax legislation in recent years has become complex and constantly changing, which requires extensive knowledge and adequate interpretation of tax provisions, for their correct application, that is why we are aware of the need that today in day have companies have adequate tax planning, our firm provides the following services:

  • Continuous fiscal advisory.
  • Fiscal diagnosis of a company.
  • Participation during the revision process developed by fiscal authorities (SAT, IMSS, SECRETARIA DE ECONOMÍA).
  • Support in the request of tax returns (ISR, IETU, IVA)
  • Design and analysis of a company’s structure.
  • Fiscal planning.
  • Elaboration and presentation of notices and procedures  with fiscal authorities.
  • Fiscal updates training courses.
  • Fiscal-estate  advisory.
  • Social prevention loaning plans and reengineering.
  • Operative structures evaluation (outsourcing / insourcing) according to the Ley Federal del Trabajo, IMSS and Infonavit.
  • Foreign payment, preferential tax regime, accreditation of tax payments in foreign countries and international operations.
  • Advisory in interpretation and application of (International ) Treaties.
  • Written and oral advisory in fiscal laws interpretation.
  • Strategy development for a fair tax burden.


Doing Business in Mexico


Doing business in México doesn´t have to be nerve wracking and full of uncertainties. Many companies are taking advantage of the opportunities that one of the strongest emerging economies in Latin America can offer.
And unlike most other emerging markets, Mexico it´s right next door!
ORDAZ GONZALEZ is a prestigious Accounting and General Business Advisor, with several offices throughout the Peninsula of Yucatán. We can help you achieve your business objectives in Mexico by providing the right advice on accounting, legal and other services needed to succeed.
If you´re interested in doing business in Mexico, go ahead and send us an e-mail, or give us a call, We´ll be more that glad to provide you with a true professional point of view and assistance.



  • Returns and refunds.
  • Analysis and elaboration of internal control.
  • Human resources.
  • Business strategies planing.



  • Feasibility studies.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Credit procedures.
  • Production costs determination.

Foreing Trade


  • Foreign investment.
  • Maquiladoras and factories.
  • Treaties.
  • Customs.